Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling


"Episode 1 - Arrival" Directed by Theodore Cormey (Lost Jockey Productions)
a shot-by-shot remake of the opening sequence from The Prisoner - more info at



Original narritve video for our cover of Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan"
directed by Glenn di Benedetto of Killer Suit Creative Media, 2011
more info at

Awesome Acoustic Session with Sleepover Shows on the cocktail kit featuring viola by Susannah Plaster!

Episode 11: It's Your Funeral featuring burlesque by Porcelain Dalya and Maggie Maraschino 11-13-2011

First We Take Manhattan live 01-10-2013

Acoustic at FOAMHENGE, Natural Bridge, VA - Episode 9: A.B.and C. - Read Tour Diary for more info on the day - 07/26/2010

Link to second song at Foamhenge: Episode 4: The Chimes of Big Ben

Episode 2: Dance of the Dead - Acoustic at an industrial park in The Flats, Cleveland, OH - Tour Diary - 07/28/2010

Episode 3: Checkmate - Acoustic in front of Terminator Jesus, Monroe, OH - Tour Diary - 07/28/2010

Episode 1 - Arrival - acoustic in a field in Monroe, OH - Tour Diary - 07/28/2010 





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